This Master give you all knowledge about the stylistic balance of the Grand Masters with the technical perfection of contemporary violin making.

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Violin making is truly a way of life, enriched by the creative aspects of artistic and artisanal work. This is why the students of Master in Replica Violinmaking typically have such high levels of motivation and interest that draw them from all over the world.

The passion for traditional woodworking, music and Italian culture are the common interests of all the students of this master and the rich cultural heritage of the school continues to encourage an exchange of skills, knowledge, and life experiences.


Maestro Giovanni Colonna, holder of the Master’s chair in Reproduction, in addition to being a luthier and a world-renowned teacher, is also one of the major traders of ancient Italian instruments, consequently in class the details of the instruments are studied live!


In addition to this, since 2014 Academia Cremonensis has financed several study projects on some of the most representative violins by Antonio Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesu in collaboration with important university and cultural institutes. This laid the foundation for an Artistic Reproduction course based on a huge amount of material on the masterpieces of the past, such as photographs, UV fluorescence and tomography.


Each student of this course will learn how to create all the models that he will use for construction with CAD, bringing precision in reproduction to levels never seen before.

In addition to this, the students will participate on a monthly basis in courses with important experts in ancient violin making, which will help them to see the artistic side and the context in which each masterpiece was conceived.


The Master of Replicas was designed for all craftsmen who have decided to improve their skills on ancient instruments, as the study of original instruments covers more than half of the lessons of the entire course. The ability to grasp the true essence of the masterpieces of the past is not innate and must be cultivated, learning from professionals who have spent their whole life understanding what made each instrument unique and rare. Most of the students who approach this Master have the conviction of being able to achieve professional results by transferring on their violins all the aesthetic details they see in photos, in various books or posters, such as wear, shades of colour, woods and models.
It is clear, however, that holding an original violin in your hands, all those details become insignificant, and you focus more on the enormous artistic value of the instrument. This very important difference must be understood by all course candidates, and every constructive choice must be made based on observation of the original instrument.


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Whether you are interested in a career in traditional, as well as in contemporary violin making, employers in all areas appreciate our graduates for their rigorous academic training, broad perspective and well-developed practical skills in organizing, teamwork, workshop work and equipment maintenance. Our graduates have an excellent reputation for securing adequate employment and developing successful careers.

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