Short courses for people who are interested in this sector, developed on short workshops that will allow you to understand the basic processes to build your instrument with the best professionals

The Taster Courses

Academia Cremonensis Taster courses are short courses in the exclusive classrooms of the Academy in the historic center of Cremona.
All 17 courses are designed for people who want to approach the world of violin making and do not have age restrictions and are ideal to get an insight into studying a particular subject or subject area at Academia Cremonensis.


Taster courses are one or two days courses (some run slightly longer). They give you the opportunity to try out a variety of subjects as Woodworking, Violinmaking, Tools Maintenance, Acoustics, CAD drawing or Varnish, and much more!
This can benefit you in various ways:
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Course Details​

Violin Ribs Workshop

A module to clarify in a practical and simple way all the steps of the bands of a violin, from the modeling of the blocks, to the bending of the wood, up to the gluing.

Violin Scroll Workshop

In this course you will learn not only how to make a violin scroll starting from the maple block, but also how to best use the tools, as well as how to prepare them with perfect sharpening.

Violin Neck Workshop

In Academia Cremonensis we consider the violin neck worthy of a specific course, as it is a crucial component of the instrument, since musicians consider it so important.

Effeholes Advanced workshop with elements of design in the Italian Tradition

The Effe is certainly the element of the violin that leaves more room for interpretation and this course teaches, in addition to the practical aspect of cutting wood, also many aspects of design linked to stylistics and mechanics.


Violin Bridge and Soundpost Workshop

This module has the intent of making the student create a sundpost and a bridge in a simple and practical way, offering solutions to improve the acoustics of the violin as well.

Alcol Varnish Techniques workshop

Meeting the many requests to know a valid method for varnishing violins, Academia Cremonensis, has designed this short course that goes from the choice of resins, to the preparation, to the perfect varnishing.


Pegs and Endpin Installation

Although it seems a simple job, many violins on the market do not have the pegs worked correctly, it follows that the violin is very difficult to tune, and that even the violin is damaged. In this course you will learn step by step how to shape the shaft of the pegs and use the tools.

Fundamentals of Acoustics

This first module of Acoustic Physics is very useful for those who want to approach the issues related to the sound of violins, using simple schemes and learning how to use intuitive tools such as the Lucchi Meter.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawing techniques for Violinmakers

This conceptual module is an introduction to CAD drawing related to violin models and its elements.

Traditional Styles of Italian Violinmakers

In this lesson you will be able to learn the different styles of Italian violinmaking, learning to identify their most distinctive characters.

Violinmaking Tools - Maintenance and special tools workshop

Anyone who has visited a workshop of a good Luthier will have noticed the extreme quantity of tools present and the care in keeping them sharp. This course teaches to recognize the importance of various tools and to prepare them for specific works in lutherie.


Tone Wood - History and Technology

This course traces the choices of the woods used by the Great Luthiers of the past, and helps students to recognize the various species, appreciating their qualities and understanding their defects.


Violin and Bow making professional Maintenance

In this course, you will learn how to clean the varnish of a violin safely, polish a fingerboard, perform maintenance on a bow, and the importance of identifying the right string combination for a particular violin.

Fine Violins Market and Management of Related Companies

This course offers practical opportunities to work in the world of violins, starting from Trade-Shows, Auctions and understanding the world of ancient and modern musical instruments Trade.

Varnish and wood of the violin focused on chemistry and technology

This course offers an introduction to the chemistry of the most used varnishes in violin making and to wood technology.


Wood carving and clay modeling workshop

This practical course is divided into two workshops, Clay and Wood carving and is particularly suitable for novice luthiers.


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